Thursday, June 12, 2008

Silly Boys

Gus and his good friend bought a fishing boat together. They found it on ebay motors. Would you believe it was in the next town over? Only 15 miles away! It really was a good buy for them. Young son has been an avid fisherman since he could walk. And the kid knows his stuff.

DaddyO and I picked up the boat, which came with a trailer and a small motor, while H-bug was working. This is the first chance he and his friend had a chance to take it out. When he asked if he could go fishing, I assumed they would be taking Gus's truck and the trailer. But when I went out to see if they needed lunch first, this is what I saw. It made me laugh! They had decided to take the friend's car instead of the truck. I hope they make it up the mountain without any trouble. Silly Boys.


Gus's friend leaves for Marine boot camp in about six weeks. I am sure going to miss him.

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