Monday, July 28, 2008

First Love

I was reminded the other day, of my very first concert. I was thirteen and seriously boy crazy. It's embarrassing. I was also seriously immature. Also embarrassing.

My greatest love was Woody. I loved the way he wore his short pants, fluffy hair and tartan. I was crazy in love. My mom let me hang picture, after picture of him and the other guys, on my bedroom wall. It was plastered. Woody, was a Bay City Roller. I was Mrs. Woody. I know because that's what it said on my school notebook.

I guess it wasn't meant to be because I am no longer Mrs. Stuart (Woody) Wood. But he will forever live in my heart as my first love. And thanks to You Tube, he lives in the heart of my son as "the weird guy my mom goes freaky for". Very Embarrassing!

For your viewing pleasure, I present the Bay City Rollers!!!!

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