Monday, July 14, 2008

I miss

My car. Daddy-O and Gus decided it would be a good idea to put a bigger engine in Gus's truck. When they were in the planning stages,I was told it would only take two weekends. I knew better. But trying to be a good sport, I put a smile on my face and gave my blessing to the project. And the use of my car to Gus.

Six weeks later, I'm no longer smiling. Surprisingly, I'm not complaining either. It's hot outside. So the work hours are shortened. And Daddy-O works over an hour away. So his days are already long. It's moving along... at a snail's pace. But didn't the snail win the race? Wait. I think it was a tortoise. Whatever.

What makes me smile is seeing them work together. And seeing how dirty they get. And, how frustrated. It's Gus stepping into adulthood right before my very eyes. It's his right to passage. It makes me proud. My baby boy is a baby no longer.

I wonder why I haven't thought to get my camera out to document this amazing event. I'm new to this blogging and photography thing. The next time they are out there sweating, and covered with oil, I promise to take a picture and post it. I know you can't wait.

Just like I can't wait to have my car back.

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