Friday, August 1, 2008

Oh No!


I am a night owl, married to a morning person. What's worse is Daddy-O is also a light sleeper. And, he's the provider for our family. The way he sees it, that trumps my need to stay up late at night watching TV, and making snacks. So I go to bed early. And usually, I lie awake for hours waiting for sleep to come. It's awful.
Monday night. A small miracle. I fell asleep before Daddy-O. I woke up the next morning, earlier than usual. A lot earlier than usual, and I had tons of energy. I got a quick shower and headed out the door. Mind you, I never shower before noon. This was a big deal.
I went to Walmart to pick up a few things. Have you ever been in Walmart at 7 am?? I hadn't before. I highly recommend it. Except for a few employees, I had the store to myself. It was wonderful.
One of the items I picked up was a birthday card for my dear Uncle. I adore him. And I needed to get his card in the mail that day or it would be late. So, I made my purchases, and went to my car. Surprisingly, I had the forethought to bring my address book with me. I adore my Uncle, but I don't have his address memorized. I signed the card, stamped it and I was ready to go to the post office. And it was before 8 am!! I was so amazed at myself.
Of course, a perfect morning meant trouble. I should have known. I almost made it to the post office, when BAM! I was hit by a small truck. BUMMER! I was so sad. You see. I LOVE my car. I love it so much. And now it was ruined.
The guy who hit me was a sweetheart. And he took full responsibility. Wow. I shouldn't be surprised, as it was all his fault. 100%. I made him call the police anyway. I wanted it on a report. While we waited for the officer, we exchanged insurance information. Well, the lazy officer showed up thirty minutes later. I live in a small town, mind you. I probably interrupted his 8 am nap... When he finally came, he decided it was unnecessary to file a report. He didn't' think there was enough damage. Whatever. I asked for his name and badge number. I'm sure that will come in handy.
Daddy-O had to duct tape my bumper back on the car, because it was dragging on the ground. And the glare is terrible. To top it off, you can see me in the glare. Not a pretty picture.
Tuesday was definitely Not The Way I Planned It!!

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