Thursday, September 11, 2008



Three words. Million Dollar Listing. Have you watched this program?? Oh gosh. I love it so much. It completes me.

I realize I'm probably the only person on earth who watches MDL. But since it's my blog, I choose to post about it. I doubt I'll lose any readers as I only have one. (Hi Mistie!)

First, there's Madison. Can you say Dreamy?? Those eyes. I just want to reach through the TV and put a gentle kiss on each of those sleepy eyelids. Ah. I don't care he has 'issues'. I've already got my man. But holy moly. If I had a million dollars I would definitely give him a call.


Now, Chad. Oh Chad. Sweetie you really need to do something with that hair. If you have to hold it in place with a whole can of hairspray, it's probably not the cut for you. But that said. I like Chad. I love his drive, his honesty and his girlfriend. She is adorable. I wish I were her. Not because I want Chad for a boyfriend. But because she is just too cute. And sweet. Keep treating her well, Chad.

Josh. What can I say about Josh? I love his Grandma. And I love that he is so good to her. That warms my heart. But I really think this boy needs a kick in the pants. Or maybe he needs a hug. All I know is he's missing something vital for his emotional health. Part of me can't stand the dude. The other part just wants to pluck him out of my television screen and take care of him.


If you haven't tuned into this little nugget of television fun, then you're really missing out. Just FYI, the season ended Tuesday night but knowing Bravo, they'll rerun the season, in it's entirety, to death.

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Ryan and Mistie Gillespie said...

I have to say ... when I saw the previews for this, I told Ry - "Who wants to watch a bunch of spoiled brats, no way!!" Even though I am a BRAVO addict. Love, love, love Project Runway, Top Chef and Top Design. Ry had it on one night . . . it sucks you in!!! I'll second just about everything you said about it. We were cracking up at the last episode and Madison 'explaining' his hopes for a future (love life.)