Saturday, September 13, 2008

Car Wash


I am thrilled to announce Gus's truck is finally finished!! He has been driving it the past three days. It's loud and it's fast. Just what the doctor ordered. Or so I am told.

I truly am delighted for my young son. He has dreamed about this engine for a long time. I hope it's everything he wanted it to be.

If I am honest, I really am more happy for myself. I have my car back. I can leave whenever I please. I no longer have to stay in my house for weeks on end. My gas tank will stay right where I left it. I am jumping for joy!

To celebrate, I drove to the car wash today. I washed my car, then pulled into a space to vacuum it. I was tickled to have chosen a vacuum that was still running. Upon inspection I found seven minutes remaining. I decided not to hurry with my chore, but to think of those seven minutes as a bonus. With my own quarters included, I could afford to take my time and do a complete job.

I immediately started and before long I was completely occupied with trying to remove every single dog hair from the carpets. I was unsuccessful in the removal of all dog hair, but I have to say, the car looked really good.

It was while I was vacuuming the floor mats, I realized the vacuum was still running and I hadn't added any quarters. I stopped to check the timer. It now showed seventy nine minutes left. What?? I hit the jackpot!

While cleaning the mats, I started to feel a little guilty. It just wasn't right. I looked around for an attendant. I was hoping there was one on duty so the vacuum could be stopped. No luck. There was no one there. I went back to vacuuming and finished up my car.

After careful consideration, I put all my allotted quarters in the machine. The timer didn't change. But I felt better. Hopefully, I had just paid for most of what I used.

When I was in High School Seminary, our teacher gave us a small quiz. It had questions such as,
Have you ever borrowed something and not returned it? Or, Do you speed while driving? After we completed the quiz, he explained to us, that even if you're going one mile over the speed limit, you're still breaking a law. Or if you borrow, and forget to return, you are a thief. It stuck with me.

I've told this story to my kids and they've always poked fun at me for it. But I really do try to drive the speed limit. And I always return a borrowed item. At least, I hope I do.

The point of all of this is I really, truly believe in treating others like I would like to be treated. And I believe if we all concentrated on the little things, then the big things would take care of themselves.

I hope this didn't sound preachy. And I'm not trying to pat myself on the back. I'm just simply trying to share a little lesson that has meant so much to me.

Now, I think I'll drive to the car wash and see if that vacuum is still running. If it is, I'm going to look for a phone number to call and report it.

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Ryan and Mistie Gillespie said...

I like hearing stories like the your vacuum story. Sometimes you forget that people can be honest and good in this world! My 'honest' story is a bit embarassing . . . .when Daniel was little, I had a bunch of blankets in the grocery cart to protect him from touching all the ICK. When I got to the car, I had a candy bar hiding under the flap of a blanket. The next time I went in, I got one, asked the lady to charge me for 2. Then, I get to the car - and had a package of hot dogs I hadn't paid for. WHAT!!??!! I made sure I went to a different checker the next time I got one, asked to be charged for 2.
Now with Logan, I triple check the cart before leaving the store!
Hey - will you email me Preston's address again - we'll send him another letter. Ryan's getting home from a 4 day golf trip tonight. I don't know who will be more excited to see him . . . me, Logan, Daniel, or the dog Cadi!