Friday, October 31, 2008

Down Memory Lane


Happy Halloween my friends. *snicker* I think the election is getting to me! It's been a while since I've updated my blog. I've opened up the new post page a dozen times, but I've never finished writing one. My head is blank. I decided today I don't care I am going to push through and post!

I love Halloween decorations and all the cute baking ideas. But I've never enjoyed the actual day. I was always too self conscious to enjoy dressing up. And it was always so cold outside, which made trick or treating miserable. And while I love my small town, when I was kid they gave out the yuckiest candy. No butterfingers or snickers here.

When my boys were little I abandoned my whining about the haunted holiday and even enjoyed it. My sister and I would dress our kids up together. I would buy the materials and she would sew them. It was perfect!

Before my sister moved by us, I was on my own. This was my first Halloween with Daddy-O and Marine Boy. Daddy-O was so grumpy that night. :)


Then when Gus joined us, I dressed the boys up as a cowboy and an Indian.


The first year Sis and I dressed our kids together. Three Blind Mice. They even won Most Original at a Halloween Costume event!


And finally, my favorite Halloween ever. We had a new addition to the group, my sisters baby girl . You can't see them in this picture, but she has on the ruby red slippers. *hint* She's Dorothy. Gus was sick that year on Halloween and wasn't able to trick or treat. I took a bag and did it for him. Everyone felt so sorry for the little lion that he really cleaned up. He got more candy than anyone!


I sure miss when the boys were little. I just hope they hurry (not too fast!) and give me grandbabies so I can love the holiday again!

Thanks for indulging me on my trip down memory lane. I hope you all have a very Happy Halloween!

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Valerie said...

Halloween is the best season EVER!! I always liked it but after my two boys were born I looked forward to planning and making costumes!

Ryan and Mistie Gillespie said...

I think that picture of Don dressed like a bunny will keep me smiling all week!

We had a Trick-or-Treater the other night - little girl dressed up like Raggedy Ann . . . with a big strapping dad dressed like Andy, freckles, red yard hair, and a one-piece knee-length outfit. Giggle! How else do you get your hubby to dress like a bunny or a rag doll??!!??