Saturday, November 8, 2008

He's Back

Photobucket Did I mention Marine Boy is back from deployment?! We weren't able to make it to the homecoming due to the stinking state of the economy, but MB called me as soon as he got out of the boat and stood on the beach. He was thrilled to be 'home'.

I immediately apologized for not being there. He said " That's okay. A bunch of people I didn't know hugged me and thanked me for my service, so I knew someone cared about me. " It brought tears to my eyes. I knew what he was really saying, but I think I just felt so awful I wasn't able to be there.

We have talked on the phone a hundred times since he got back. I haven't heard any stories from his time away. I'll ask him for those for when he comes home next month. I can hardly wait. I feel like a kid waiting for Christmas. In the meantime, he's full of chatter about the good food he's been eating, his new friends, and and the good food he's eaten. I guess the ship food wasn't so great.

He sent this photo to me of his favorite place he visited. I think you can guess where he is.


I'm happy he was able to see so much of the world. It's something he's dreamed about for a long time. And I'm happy he was able to build such strong friendships during his time away. But mostly I'm just happy he's back. I missed him.

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Ryan and Mistie Gillespie said...

We're so proud! You have raised some amazing boys!! Will he be home for Christmas, or just home for part of December?