Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I'm The Hostess

PhotobucketThis year, I am hosting Thanksgiving at my house. I have never cooked a turkey before. But that is the least of my worries. I mean, how do I have the turkey in the oven, and at the same time bake a vegetable dish and a pan of rolls? I only have one oven!

These are things that have never concerned me before. I would make my one assigned dish, show up and wait to be served my meal. Of course, I had compassion for the hostess. I would tell her thank you for the time you spent preparing this meal for us. I thought I was sincere when I would say that, but now I know I'm wasn't.

But really? How do I have the turkey in the oven and at the same time bake a vegetable dish and a pan of rolls??

I'm also worried about my house. It's not clean enough. I wish I had taken spring cleaning seriously now. Of course, spring was months ago. So it doesn't matter if I had cleaned every inch of my house in April, it would still be a wreck today. Maybe I should do fall cleaning? I wish I had thought of that a month ago! Then my house would be ready.

I'll get the house cleaned. But I still need to shop for the groceries. Before I can shop I need to make a list. Before I can make a list, I need to decide on a menu. Oh! I forgot. I don't have a table cloth. I'd better remember to put that on the list.

Any ideas on how to have a turkey in the oven and at the same time bake a vegetable dish and a pan of rolls?


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Ryan and Mistie said...

When I started my first 'big girl' Thanksgiving, I thought to myself all day, all week, all month - - - how does my mom/grandma DO THIS!!??!!

For our little lonely Thanksgiving - I prepared the veggies (candied yams)ahead, (Wednesday)and warmed them up on T-day. As for turkey and rolls - pull the turkey out of the oven, and pop your rolls in to bake while the gravy is made and the turkey is carved. (Heating veggies back up while the rolls bake.)

Now . . . the big fat disclaimer is - I only cooked for our little family - - - so it was pretty laid back.

Borrow a tablecloth, clean only the rooms anyone will see, dim the lights or lock the doors in the rest, plan a moderate menu and cheat, cheat, cheat if you have to! Where can you pre-order your pies? :O) Good luck . . . I can't wait to hear all about it!