Sunday, December 14, 2008

I Blame The Snow

Photobucket It's cold and snowy outside. I normally love weather like this, but not today. I think the snow has brought bad luck to my family. Okay, okay. It's probably not the winter weather's fault, but I feel better having something to blame.

Marine Boy headed back to California today. Daddy-O drove with him. Since his truck is used, we just wanted to be sure he made it to the base safely. It is a blessing Daddy-O was with MB because just as they hit Barstow, the transmission went out. Joy.

Daddy-O called one of the mechanics from his dealership to make a plan. The mechanic is a good friend and he told them to sit tight. He would come and rescue them. He found a truck and a trailer and is headed their way. Bless him. This man is a great friend.

Marine Boy had to call the base and see if he could get a couple more days off. Luckily his "Gunny" was great about it, and MB doesn't have to return until Thursday.

There was another problem, Daddy-O had a flight home scheduled for tonight. There was no way he was going to make it. He called the airline to reschedule for later in the week. No problem it will just be a small fee to change the itinerary. Daddy-O said he could hardly understand the man on the phone so he didn't hear how much the fee was. He said that would be fine and the fee was charged to our credit card. The fee was a measly $150!! The ticket itself was only $118! Is it just me or is that fee ridiculous?

There is a bright light in this crummy day. Marine Boy 'bought' the truck on Tuesday, but due to some complications, the papers weren't signed and dated until Thursday. That means, the 3 business day rule will still apply to him. He can either return his truck and choose a different vehicle, or hopefully, the dealership will fix the transmission for him. MB loves this truck and would like to keep it. I just hope it works out for him.

Now the only worry is the weather. Another snow storm is moving in tonight. I pray my guys will make it back before the roads get bad.

I suppose the best part of the terrible day is I get another few days with my boy. From my view, it is all worth it. I don't know if Daddy-O and Marine Boy feel the same.

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Ryan and Mistie said...

Woweeee. That's a lot of worry in one post! I'm sorry for the crud - but glad everyone is okay.