Thursday, December 18, 2008

Livin' La Vida Loca

It's a crazy life! Remember I told you Marine Boy couldn't return to the base this past Sunday, as planned? The transmission in his truck went out and they were forced to head back home to get it fixed. It was fixed and today they were headed to California again.

MB was nervous this morning as they were preparing to go. We received eight (more) inches of snow overnight and he was anxious about driving in it. My boy has become a true beach boy in the years since he left home. He's forgotten how to drive in snow. Anyway, Daddy-O said he'd do the driving today except for the hour drive from here. He had to take a car to the airport so he would have a way home tonight.

They've only been gone a half hour and they've already called twice. First Daddy-O called to tell me Marine Boy had been hit by a car and was pushed off the road into three or more feet of snow. He is stuck. They had called 9-11 and a tow truck was being sent out. Next MB called to let me know he was okay. And he's angry because he has a dent in his door. This has been the trip from you know where for him. Poor baby. While I was talking to MB the tow truck showed up. They should be on their way soon.

On a bright note, my cold seems to be letting up. I can actually breath through my nose this morning. That's really all I need for happiness. My dark mood from yesterday has cleared even if the snow storm hasn't.

It is beautiful out my window. The snow is still falling. I feel like I'm in a snow globe. I should get a quick shower and get outside to take a picture of my view. It's amazing. I will share it here a little later if you'd care to come back.

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