Sunday, December 7, 2008

Stars and Stripes

I cannot remember the exact moment Marine Boy announced he wanted to join the Corps. I believe it was just after Sept 11, when he was 12 years old. Like most Americans the events that day affected him deeply. I remember him collecting many pictures and magazine articles concerning the event. It was shortly after that we started to hear of his plans.

The summer of his fifteenth year his patriotism was stronger than ever. He asked if we could paint one wall of his room as a flag. Daddy-O taped out the stripes for us, and Marine Boy and I went to work painting. It took a couple of days but we got it done. It wasn't perfect. But it meant so much to the both of us.

The only thing missing from that flag were the stars. We were baffled as to how to paint them on. We were tired from painting and from the mess, so we just let the stars go for a while. That was four and a half years ago and the stars still hadn't been painted.

Last time Marine Boy was home he asked if we would finally put the stars on the flag for him. He was leaving for his first deployment after that visit, so I told him I thought he'd earned his stars finally. He puffed up a bit and told me Marines always earn what they have.

Yesterday, Daddy-O put the stars on the flag, just in time for Marine Boy's return. I thought it was going to be a difficult task, but I was surprised to see Daddy-O eye-ball the stars. He did a mighty fine job too. I can hardly wait for my Marine son to see them. He's waited so long.

Daddy-O just getting started


The finished wall!



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Ryan and Mistie said...

I'm tearing up a bit here. I'm so proud to have you all as family!