Wednesday, December 3, 2008

These Are A Few...

I stumbled upon Thrifty Decor Chicks blog yesterday. She is having us share a few of our favorite things! I went to each and every participating member's blog yesterday and enjoyed it so much! I was inspired so that I thought I'd too share a few of my favorite things.

First is a Christmas Chair I made about ten years ago. My boys were still young and we wanted a fun way to countdown to the big day! I wish I could say this was my idea, but I copied it from a magazine. I believe it was Woman's Day. Or maybe Family Circle. My photos aren't very good, but we hang the charms around the bottom of the chair. Then each day, one of my boys would pick a charm and move it up to the top, on the tree. When all the charms were moved we knew it was Christmas Eve!!
My next favorite thing is a cloth angel. A very dear friend of mine gave it to me many years ago. It always sits on the top of my tree, but I love it so much, that it also sits out year round. I have her perched on a shelf in the family room, where she watches over us year round.

I also love my little fur baby. She is a shih tzu/jack russell mix. Her name is confusing. She originally belonged to friends, but when they had to move they couldn't take her with them. So we adopted. She came with the name Rolo, due to her coloring. We didn't care for that name, but she didn't take to any of the new names we tried. So now she has several names, based on variations of Rolo. We call her Rollie, Pollie, Roll. I usually call her Po. I like that one best.

Last but not least, this is my very favorite photo of my sons ever! Don't you love the band-aid on Marine Boy's head? He was such an uptight child. I also wanted to share the most recent photo I have of the two. They were trying to recreate the first picture, but they're on the wrong sides!


Steph said...

Ahh what a cute pup, and handsome boys. Love that chair!

Mistie said...

I remember that chair!!! We came along as tag-a-long cousins not long after that!

I love the pics of the boys - I can't believe they went and grew up on us! How does that happen???

CUTE PUPPY!!! I am a sucker for dogs since I got the big beastly gentle-giant of a dog. Who knew.

Sarah @ ThriftyDecorChick said...

That chair is so cool, I've never seen anything like it! I love it. Cool pics of your boys too, I love that they were trying to recreate it. :) Your snow on your site is adorable! How did you get that?

Shannon and Dan said...

I love your chair. I'm still trying to find a Christmas countdown for our family and this is a great idea.