Friday, January 16, 2009

Heaven Help Me

It looks like Daddy-O and I aren't the only ones headed to Las Vegas this weekend . Gus is going also. Only Gus isn't riding with us. He's riding with HIMSELF! I am a nervous wreck. This boy thinks he's Superman. He can do anything he wants and nothing will hurt him. I hope for both our sakes that it's true.

I might have mentioned Gus' best friend is also in the Marine Corps. It's an epidemic in my circle. Anyhoo, he has a long break due to the Martin Luther King, Jr holiday on Monday. He is flying into Vegas and his dad wasn't able to get off work to pick him up, so he asked Gus if he would come. And I'm telling you something. There was no stopping him. He told me his buddy would have his back and he's got his. In other words, "Bug off, mom!"

The thing is, Gus has never driven in a city before. But he's a smart kid and I'm sure he'll be fine. Right? Someone please tell me he'll be fine! He knows Vegas well so that should help. Besides, Daddy-O and I will only be an hour behind if anything goes wrong. That worked out well. It didn't delight Gus when I told him we were going down too. It made this terrified mom feel much better.

If you happen to be driving around in Vegas Saturday and you see a white car off the road with Superman standing by it, please call 911 for me.


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