Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Coffee Talk

ss_val46 We're on our third day of the No Spend Challenge and we're doing really well, so far. I think the trick is to stay home. I'm not tempted to buy something if I'm not in a store, right? It's a good plan, but I'm getting cabin fever. I am feeling a tad on the grumpy side today so I think I should get out. I cannot decide where to go. I thought maybe I'd just put Po in the car with me and drive. She loves going for rides. This is off the subject, but sometimes, Daddy-O and I like to drive by the pound. D-O will stop the car and talk to the dogs in the fencing outside. The dogs howl, Po barks and we laugh. It's great fun. Anyway, back to me being grumpy. I thought a ride sounded nice until I realized I would be using fuel. And isn't that against the whole idea of the No Spend Challenge? So maybe I'll go for a walk. Or not. I'll probably just drown my grumpies in a big slice of chocolate cake. That works.

I am addicted to a sweet game on Orisinal. It's called Sunny Day Sky. It involves a little bear with an umbrella. He is flying above brightly colored cars, trying to avoid flying geese who knock him to the ground. A charming little tune plays throughout the game. I am terrible at it, but I still play it over and over. If you've never visited this site, I suggest you do. Soon. There are sixty games to choose from. But Sunny Day Sky is my favorite. It's the first one, by the way.

I've been watching The Bachelor. I swore I wasn't' going to, but there isn't anything else on the television on Mondays. Yeah. That's my excuse. I think this cycle has been refreshing. Most of the girls seem to actually like each other. The bachelor, though he's not my favorite, seems to have his priorities right. Love that. I was most impressed with his sweet send off of Stephanie. It was clear from the beginning they weren't going to be a match, but he showed such respect. I thought it was touching. The most shocking rose ceremony ever!

I suppose I'll go bake a chocolate cake to squash my grumpies. Hopefully, I'll have the ingredients on hand so I don't have to go to the store.

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