Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I'm a Blog Buddy

I consider myself a blog buddy. Do you read Ross the Intern's blog? He's such a hoot. I enjoy following along on his day to day life. I love hearing about Louise. Or, watching Ross and Dr Neighbor chat about nothing. There is nothing better than the 'jingles' he makes up on the spot. I think sometimes Ross gives us too much information, but that's the charm of him. He's honest.

Last night he had a segment on The Tonight Show. He went to the Grammys. Ross, it was okay. But not as funny as your Superbowl Segment. I recorded that bit and watched it at least a dozen times, laughing like it was the first time, before finally deleting it.

I wanted to watch it again, so I found it on The Tonight Show website. I am adding it to my blog, so whenever I need a laugh I can watch this and get an instant pick me up.

Thanks for the laughs, Ross. If you want to be a 'blog buddy' too, click here for the Ross blog.

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