Wednesday, February 4, 2009

In The Kitchen With Daddy-O

It's time for another edition of In The Kitchen With Daddy-O! This past weekend D-O got a hankerin' for some Carne Asada taco's. Since we don't have a favorite Mexican restaurant in town, and because we are trying very hard to do well on the No Spend Challenge, he decided to try his hand at making them at home.

To begin, here is Daddy-O.

This isn't a great picture because you cannot see all his muscles. So here. This one is better. *Warning* This is not for the faint of heart.


Oh I hope Daddy-O doesn't read my blog today. *snicker* Let's get back to the recipe, shall we?

Ingredients needed: skirt steak, orange juice concentrate, shallot, cilantro, and seasoned meat tenderizer.


The meat was cut into small pieces. Daddy-O then sprinkled it with the seasoned meat tenderizer and let it sit a few minutes. Next he added chopped shallot, chopped cilantro and a tablespoon or two of orange concentrate. It is all done to taste. Then he put it all into a hot pan. He occasionally stirred it to be sure all the meat was cooked through and browned. The orange juice concentrate not only flavored the meat, but also helped to carmalize it. Yum!


The meat was ready, so it was time to make the tortillas. My man knows corn tortillas are my favorite. Besides, they are a must for carne asada! We didn't have any on hand, so my "I can do anything" husband set out to make some. I was impressed. They weren't the prettiest tortillas I've ever seen, but they were mighty tasty.



Finally after the torture of the amazing smells, we were ready to eat. D-O served them with some pico de gallo. He used a hot sauce on his, I didn't on mine.


These were better than any taco I've ever had in a restaurant. Maybe you should give them a try.


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