Sunday, February 1, 2009

The No Spend Challenge

Last week, while reading some of my favorite blogs, I read post at The MotherLoad about something called "The No Spend Challenge". Their family is taking the challenge to not spend any money outside of their normal daily living expenses in the month of February.

Like many families, ours has struggled because of the current state of the economy. We have learned the skeptical public doesn't go to a dealership to have their cars repaired. It's hurt us in the paycheck. We have been living on much less income, but it feels like we've been spending out of control. I am not sure if we have actually been spending more, or it just feels that way due to less income. That is why we have chosen to participate in the challenge.

Our plan is to take it day by day. Here are the top five changes we want to make:

1. We will track each and every dollar spent so we have a good picture of where it is going.

2. I will plan our menu for each and every week. I may or may not post it here, but it will be planned. I will also follow through on the planned meals. I'm bad about that.

3. Daddy-O will take his lunch to work more often. He is already very good about this, but he can improve even more.

4. I will grocery shop only once during the week. As mentioned in earlier posts, Daddy-O and I love to go to the supermarket, so this will be a hard one for us. It should save some money though.

5. Gus will eat lunch at home, rather than fast food with his friends. Okay. I admit. This is my idea for him. I'm trying to get him on board.

During the month I will let you know how we are doing. Hopefully, we can gain more control of our money and make it go further. That's the idea anyway.

Oops. Daddy-O just walked in with donuts as a surprise for Gus and I. (He knows donuts are my favorite treat...sweet guy!) He forgot it was the first of the month. We are off to an expected slow start!


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1 comment:

Amy said...

I think that is a great way to do your challenge. Your hubby sounds like my hubby :) Let's see if we can get these boys on board with the plans :)

Thank you so much for participating and I hope that this is a really great month for you guys!