Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Magical Potion

Poor Gus is so sick. He's been miserable today. He has a fever and a horrific cough that is coming from deep in his lungs. He's not the world's best patient and has been trying my patience all day. He hasn't slept well for two days. He won't take any medication. He refuses to go to the doctor. Although in his defense, I don't blame him for not going to see a doctor, he's really too sick to handle the ride and wait. Poor baby.

Daddy-O was sick just like this last week, so I'm sure he's the germ carrier. I have just been trying to keep clear of the infection. I do not need to be sick. When Daddy-O came home, I handed over our child's care to him. He was able to get Gus to drink a 'potion'. Daddy-O is famous for drinks loaded with protein, electrolytes, and other, necessary for health, nonsense. I hate to admit it, but these drinks, no matter how nasty tasting they are, really do help the body feel better.

Daddy-O was sneaky too. He crushed a Tylenol PM and an ibuprofen and mixed it in the drink. Happily for all of us, Gus is sleeping peacefully. For now.

I hope he feels better when he wakes up. Otherwise, I might have to ask for my own glass of 'potion'.

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Ryan and Mistie said...

Oh man!

I hope everyone gets (and stays) feeling good soon!

Way to go Mr. Mom and his potions!