Friday, March 13, 2009

What's On My DVR?

I have been catching up on recorded television today. Thank Heavens for the DVR! I can watch three times the programming that I could without it. That means more Girl Scout Cookies consumed, and less calories burned. Makes me happy.

I just finished a new program called The Chopping Block. Did you see this show? I just have to say one thing, " OH MY WORD." I loved it. I don't usually find myself involved in cooking shows. It grosses me out to see all the sweat going into the expensive food they are soon going to serve. Who wants to pay $125 a plate for sweat glistened Filet Mignon? Who??

The host is a Chef by the name of Marco Pierre White. I had never heard of him before. Sorry Marco. He is amazing. There is no screaming. No swearing. No stupid challenges that involve making a dessert out of a blow fish. I think that's what drew me in. But this man's voice. Oh mercy. I wish he would sit in the chair next to my bed and just talk me to sleep every night. He could read to me, or even tell me his favorite recipe. I don't care. I just want to hear him speak.


This really is the best new series of the spring. Good, quality television. If you're interested, it is on CBS, Wednesday nights, 7 pm Mountain time.

Now, onto a different subject. I love late night talk shows. Every night I scan them and decide which one I will watch and what others are worth recording. There is a guest that has visited each of the programs, and he has left me scratching my head. Who the heck is this guy??


His name is Russell Brand and really, he's gross. Yet, there is something about him that is intriguing. Is he joking? What is he? Is he a comedian? A personality? Maybe an Actor? I just don't know. He leaves me speechless and a little disgusted.

It reminds me of the eighties, when this guy came on the scene:


Boy George! I could not even look at him. He was too weird. If I did sneak a peek, I was guaranteed a bad dream that night. He was just so different. Of course, I got used to him. And he grew on me a bit. Sometimes, I miss the days when Boy George was the strangest person around. He's pretty normal compared to the strangers of today.

Well, I'd love to stick around and give you more of my enlightening opinions, but I've got more TV to watch. And more cookies to eat.

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