Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cabbage Rolls, My Way

After I posted my menu plan the other day, I had someone ask what cabbage rolls are. I promised to share my recipe. I know there are a thousand variations of this dish. This is just how I do them.

First, I make a meatball. I don't use a recipe, although you certainly could. For mine I use about a pound of ground beef, 1/3 cup cooked rice, 1 egg, 1/4 cup chopped onion, 1/4 cup bread crumbs, salt and pepper. I don't usually put rice in my meatballs. Only for cabbage rolls. It's vital.


I like to use my crock pot to cook the rolls. At this point, I make the sauce it will cook in. I use a large can of Campbell's tomato soup and 8 oz tomato sauce. I dump them directly into the crock pot, them give it a stir. The picture shows a 15oz can of tomato sauce because I didn't have a small can. I put the extra in the refrigerator for a later meal.


Next, heat up a large pan of water. I don't bring it to a boil, but keep it hot. I put the cabbage in. This makes it easier to work with the cabbage leaves. When the outside leaf is limp, pull it off and place it on a plate.


I cut the center vein out of the cabbage leaf. This vein is tough and makes it hard to roll the meatball. (Sorry for the blurry pictures).


Next, place the meatball on the leaf, and roll up. The larger, outside leaves roll up nicely like in this picture. But as you get to the smaller leaves on the inside, it won't look as pretty as the leaves don't always wrap all the way around the meat ball. It doesn't matter. My mom always used toothpicks to hold the cabbage together. You could certainly do the same, but I don't. I don't enjoy picking them out of my meatball when I'm ready to eat.


When I have them all wrapped, I place them into the crock pot. I then give them a gentle stir to cover them with the soup mixture.


Cook on low for 6-8 hours. Occasionally, you'll want to give them a stir to keep them all covered with sauce, if you can.

This is what they look like just before I serve them:


Goodness gracious. They make my mouth water. This is one of Gus' favorite meals. Which means I can probably expect him home for dinner. It will be a nice change.


Lor said...

Yumola Janie! Thanks for the tips!

Nifty Nique said...

Thanks for sharing! I'm gonna try and sneak these on the menu before it gets too warm!

Anonymous said...

Rachel Ray has a 30-minute Cabbage Roll stoup that is pretty good. I made it once, but I think your cabbage rolls look a lot easier to make! -YTB!