Monday, April 6, 2009

From Fishes To Wishes

A couple of weekends ago, Gus wanted to go fishing. If you know anything about Gus, you know he always wants to go fishing.

The weather was nice, and Daddy-O and I weren't doing anything, so we all decided to go. If you know anything about me, I hate fishing. But I love my guys and I wanted to be with them. If being with them meant I had to sit on the edge of a smelly reservoir, then so be it.

I grabbed my ipod, a jacket and a roll of lifesavers and I was ready to go. As we were headed to the car, Gus asked me if I wanted to get my camera so I could put this on my blog. I was delighted with the suggestion!

When we got to the water, I decided it was too cold, so I stayed in the car, while Gus and D-O walked down to fish.


I was more than enjoying the movie I was watching, What A Girl Wants, when I got a pang of guilt. I should be with them. So I put on my jacket, grabbed my camera and walked down the hill to join my guys.


I asked Gus to look my way so I could take a picture of him. He declined. So tell me this? Why did he want me to bring the camera anyway if he didn't want his picture taken?? It's one of the great mysteries of the world.



As I look at these photos today I am so very glad I took my camera that day. It might be the last time in a long time that I get to see what long hair looks like on my boy.

Last night, he cut it all off in preparation for event he has with the Marine Corps. He won't have time to grow it back before he leaves for boot camp... in eight weeks... I wish it the time hadn't gone so quickly...

Please excuse me while I go dry my eyes.

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