Friday, April 17, 2009

Help Me Be Creative

I am bored with the economy. I am tired of pinching pennies and going without. I am a much happier person when I can spend! I don't find pleasure in being frugal. That's not to say I don't appreciate a good bargain because I do. There is nothing better than a good sale because that means I'll have extra money to spend. I know the current mind set is to buy cheap and save the rest, but truthfully, I don't enjoy that.

In a little more than six weeks my last son will leave the nest. As a result, I will have hours of time to myself each day. While I need to do a good spring cleaning of our home, I also need a creative release.

I've been bookmarking craft ideas I've seen on other blogs and websites. I love this tutorial for frames Tidy Mom shared. Little Birdie Secrets shared this tutorial to embroider your child's artwork. Gus has always been a great illustrator. I have piles of his artwork and I'd love to try my hand at embroidering it.

The project I'd like to do first is this one. I love how glass jars look with food in them. They bring back a bit of old times. I want to make four of them for my pantry. I've priced the jars and they are between fifteen and twenty dollars a piece. I'll definitely have to buy them one at a time. It will kill me to have to wait to get started on this project.

This is where the bad economy is really getting to me. I don't mind scrimping at the grocery store. I haven't bought anything new to wear in months! I wore a jacket all winter to keep the heating bill down. We canceled HBO for crying out loud! But I have to stand up and say I'm angry when it comes to being a bored, empty nest mom with nothing but time on my hands, and no money to spend on projects.

I am begging you. Please spend some money. Please help me in feeding the economy. I really believe it will help all of us. I'll have more money for projects and you'll have more money to save.

Thank you.

*Note: I do save money. I'm just ranting. Don't hate me.


Nifty Nique said...

I'm with you! Even if we spend a little money here and there instead of hoarding every dollar it will help all of us.

mistie said...

Hey Jane! It just stinks, doesn't it! I wanna do something fun!! I love the jars ...

I am taking all of the boys' baby/toddler clothes and making quilts. (I know I could pass them on or donate them - but I am recycling them just the same.) I hope to do 3 of them, one for each of the boys, and one for Ry and I. I am keeping a few intact that are the special ones. The rest, I am working on my stacks and stacks of pieces. Some of them, it hurts a little bit to cut them up. I know it will be cute when done, though.