Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I am back! I've really missed my friends here. Thank you for allowing me the time I took. I feel much better and I'm ready to blog again.

Happy April Fool's Day. Oh gosh. I just remembered it's my friend Linda's birthday and I forgot to send a card. Happy Birthday Linda. I think I'll be emailing a link to this post. That way she'll know I was thinking about her. I'm sure it will make her day.

We're not big on pranks around here. Our family is much too sensitive. And boring. Occasionally, during the years, one of my boys, usually Gus, would leave a fake spider inside the sheets on my bed. Or, tell me a whopping story that I believed. Actually, he still does that. And it's usually not on April Fool's day. Gus is the greatest story teller of all time.

When Gus was in third grade, his teacher would set aside time several days a week for him to tell stories. He would make them up on the spot and Mrs. Evans was never sure if they were pure fiction or there was truth to them. It was a great mixture of both. It's too bad he hasn't had any interest in English. Or school for that matter. He could have been a great novelist.

Okay. I got off track. So sue me.

One year, I decided to be a really fun mom and play a prank on my boys. Marine Boy, was probably in second grade at the time and Gus was in kindergarten. They had spent a few days at my mom's house. It was April Fool's Day when I drove up to get them. Marine Boy has always loved Oreo's. So I did the tricky trick of scraping the filling out of the cookies, and replacing it with toothpaste. Oh yes. I am a riot. I could hardly wait to take the 'treats' to the boys.

I had to drive an hour to get to my mom's house and the anticipation was killing me. I knew they'd laugh their sweet little heads off. Then hug me and tell me I was the greatest mom ever! It was going to be an April first that they would never forget.

When I finally arrived, I casually mentioned to the boys I had a treat for them. They weren't impressed. I gave them the cookies and immediately Gus set them aside. But MB dug right in. I knew he would. I waited patiently for the surprised look on his face. It never came. My silly boy ate the whole cookie and never noticed it was full of toothpaste! I was so disappointed. I was NOT the best mom in the world. Waah.

The prank might have not been funny that day. But it makes me laugh every year on this crazy day. The joke was on me.

* Yes. I know. Children should not swallow toothpaste. But I assure you, no children were harmed during the making of the Greatest April Fools Day prank ever!


Nifty Nique said...

Thank you for stopping by the site. Nice to have you back!!! I love the new layout, very beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Welcome Back! - YTB!

Jane said...

Um, no. YTB! Thanks for leaving a comment, Mr. Anonymous.

mistie said...

Welcome back, Jane. I love the AFD prank! You crack me up!