Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I'll Have The Steak and Everything

When I was thirteen, my best friend, Laurie and I would go for pizza or a sandwich every Saturday. We always went to the same place. Not because they had the best food in town. They did. But because the best looking guy in town worked there.

We would choose a booth with a perfect view of the kitchen. We always put quarters into the jukebox. I'm positive we irritated the other patrons with our song choices of Saturday Night by the Bay City Rollers, or The Way You Feel Tonight. Also by the Bay City Rollers. We didn't play each song once. Oh no. We played them over and over.

Those were good times. I thought I was in love with the cute boy that worked there. I also thought I was in love with Woody, my favorite Roller. However, many decades later, I realize my real love was the food. Especially the steak and everything sandwich. Oh my.

For years, Daddy-O has heard me rave about THE sandwich. The restaurant is long gone from our small town, though the original diner still exists in Provo, UT, a three hour drive from my house.

We've passed by The Italian Place several times while in Provo, but never had the time to stop. I wondered if they still made the famous sandwich. And if they did, would it still taste like heaven. It was on the top my bucket list to taste that sandwich again.



Being the crazy kids we are, Daddy-O and I made an impulsive trip to Provo this past weekend. We drove through snow storms and cold weather, stopping only for the Italian Place. Oh, and we stopped at Krispy Kreme. Of course.

About the sandwich, I have to say, I was a bit disappointed. The steak was the same, but the everything else was different. There wasn't enough of the onion, pepper and mushroom. I remembered it used to be so full of juice, that it dripped. This one was dry. And there was always lots of cheese. This one had a little bit of cheese, but not enough. Another thing,they don't serve pizza anymore either. However, even though everything wasn't exactly how I remember, It was amazing.

If you're ever in Provo, or Utah for that matter, look for The Italian Place. They have several locations throughout Northern Utah. You won't be sorry.

And Daddy-O, thanks for a really great day.


mistie said...

You should have called us. :(
We were so close ...

Jane said...

Mistie, we thought about it but didn't have your number. Then we thought about dropping by but I didn't take your address. We'll come up again, I promise.