Friday, April 3, 2009

Oh Thank Heaven

Today I was just minding my own business, reading the latest news on the internet, when something sparked a memory. This particular memory happened twenty years ago, give or take a year, but it still made me laugh out loud!! Have you ever done that?

When I was in my late teens I got a job at our local 7-11. I worked there for 11 years! Some of my favorite memories come from that store. In fact, it's where I met Daddy-O. He was smitten with me from the first moment. For me, it took a little longer.

Anyway, that's not the memory. Because falling in love isn't funny. It's sweet. So don't laugh at us, okay? Thanks.

I had a good friend who would come into the store and visit with me during the slow hours. We would solve the problems of the town, gossip, or take the latest quiz in Cosmopolitan magazine. We would talk for hours.

One day, he came in and when he drove up, he was the only car in the parking lot. While he was there, several customers came and left. There was a lady who came in and bought a bag of groceries. I rang her up, gave her change and told her "Thanks for coming to 7-11!". Then she left.

For whatever reason, my friend and I looked out the window to watch her leave. We noticed right away that her car, which was parked next to my friend's car, was exactly the same as his. We also noticed she put her groceries into HIS car and got in the drivers seat to leave. We were amused at this point. I know it's rude to laugh at people, but we could see what was coming.

She put her keys into his ignition and tried to start the car. She looked puzzled when the keys wouldn't work. We only laughed harder. She looked up and saw us, still puzzled. She then noticed her car parked next to the car she was in. We were now hysterical.

She calmly got out of the car, then walked back into the store. We tried to hold back the giggles. Because you know. We didn't want to be rude.

She turned to my friend and asked if it was his car. He nodded. She then asked " Well, is it okay if I get my ice cream out of your back seat?"

Now THAT was funny!!

Maybe you had to be there. But it was funny!

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Anonymous said...

I still laugh about it. And have retold the story several times over the years! YTB!!