Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mindless Chatter

It's too hot outside. My house is uncomfortable, yet I am trying to not think about it. I don't want to turn on the air conditioner yet. It's too early for those huge summer power bills. I don't know how long I can stand it though.

There is a cool breeze outside, but the way my house is built, the breeze is not coming through my windows. Too bad my house isn't built on a huge lazy susan, so I could turn it just a bit. Then I'd be fine.

I received some good news last night. Marine Boy is coming home tomorrow! Yea! I shouldn't get too excited as there is a 10% chance he won't get his leave approved. But I'm not worried. I can just feel he'll be here. I will have my whole, little family together. I don't know when it will happen again, so I will cherish every second. I think he'll be here until Gus leaves for boot camp. I dread that day. It's less than two weeks away now.

So, let's talk television. Isn't it the worst when all your favorite shows are over for the season? I hate it. I've mentioned before how I LOVE television. I really do. I don't know how I'll get through the summer without new episodes of Grey's Anatomy or America's Next Top Model. Though, I'm annoyed they fired Paulina Porizkova. I loved her. She said she got a little nasty when having to wait for hours for 'you know who' to show up for panel. Well, who can blame her? I'd be nasty too.

My DVR is filled with episodes of Brady Bunch, All In The Family and Leave It To Beaver. I feel it would be a waste of money to not have something recorded. If you have any suggestions for good summer time programing, please share.

You may or may not have noticed I changed the background on my blog. I was getting antsy after having the same look for so long. It was pink and now it's yellow. It's nice, but I am thinking I need a whole new look. You can be watching for that. I hope it doesn't annoy you.

I am dying for a candy bar or a cookie. I don't have any sweets in the house because I'm trying to develop good habits. I've been doing quite well at making more healthy choices when I snack. But today, I think I'm going to close the windows, turn on the air conditioning and bake cookies. Oh. They're not for me. They're for Daddy-O. Chocolate chip cookies are his favorite so I think I'll make some for him. You know what they say... the best way to a man's heart... I want to be in his heart today.

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mistie said...

I hope you get your reunion! Man, I wish we were closer and could just pop in and say HI while he was there!

Tell him HI for us!!