Friday, May 8, 2009

Thank You Swine Flu

My Marine Boy called me today. I talk to him often, but usually one or the other of us is tired, or there isn't anything new to say. But today was different. We had such a nice visit. I doubt he will remember Sunday is Mother's Day, so I'm counting our lovely chat as my gift from him. That's all a mom really wants, you know.

He was scheduled to leave for deployment the same day Gus left for boot camp. But it doesn't look like that's how it's going to be anymore. Marine Boy is assigned to a Navy Ship and will be deployed to do a Humanitarian mission. Love those. I don't have to worry SO much. A few of the sailors came down with swine flu earlier in the week so all the guys on board are taking medication. The ship has to be scoured so the deployment is delayed. Or canceled. No one knows yet.

I know my son is disappointed he isn't leaving so soon. He is really excited about going. He has always wanted to see the world. That's one of the main reasons he chose the military life. I am happy as he will probably be able to come home to see his little brother before he leaves. Thank you swine flu.

About a month ago, MB had training off base. We didn't get to talk to him for two weeks while he was gone. The time dragged on. I am a spoiled mom. I have been lucky enough to hear from my boy several times a week. I know other mom's aren't so lucky. I don't think I'll be so lucky with Gus either. He tells me he's never coming back home and he won't call either. He's grown up and ready to leave the nest. Yes dear. We'll see.

Anyhoo, when Marine Boy came back from his training he sent his dad this picture. Daddy-O was sweet enough to send it on to me. I wanted to share with you.


Those are his new friends. I could never say their names right much less type them out. They are Iraqi Americans. They train the Marines. Doesn't my boy look like he has had a bit much to eat? He assures me it's the lighting. I hope so.

I'm not going to mention how sad I am about being an empty nest mom. I know I say it too often. But I will say, my heart hurts. I'm not quite ready to find the joy in seeing them become men. I'll let you know when I'm there.

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Nifty Nique said...

How great you hear from him so often! I'm sure your younger one will call more than he thinks. He'll miss you terribly.