Friday, July 24, 2009

My Super Cool Summer Reading List

All across Blogland summer reading lists are popping up. It seems everyone is into reading right now.

I notice no one has listed Twilight on their list. I suppose that train has left the station. However, there are plenty more juicy fiction novels that made the cut. In fact, that's all I've noticed on the lists: fiction.

I am new to the reading world. I have always enjoyed reading but could never find a genre that interested me. I don't much enjoy romance novels nor do I enjoy the painful dark stories Oprah always endorses. Therefore, I would spend my reading time flipping through magazines.

A few weeks ago, while at Walmart, I bought Barbara Walters Audition. I enjoyed reading her book so much. It was 500 pages of interesting. I have finally found my genre. I love non fiction.


I love reading about celebrities as well as real people and the lives they've had. After finishing Audition, I am proud to say I bought and read sTORI Telling, by Tori Spelling. It was an easy, enjoyable read.


I am currently reading Prairie Tales written by Melissa Gilbert. It's a real eye opener... Half Pint isn't as innocent as she seems! But she's real. I love that.


The next book I want to read is Stories From Candy Land, written by, of course, Candy Spelling.


I'm an equal opportunity reader. I'm proud of that.

Okay fine. I admit I'm not reading intelligent non fiction. I'm reading biographies. Celebrity biographies. I'm not ashamed. I just think it sounds more mature to call them non fiction. Because they're not fiction. Right? So, technically, they're non.

At least that's what I tell myself.

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mistie said...

Hey, a book is a book! I long (really quite dread) the day when I can read... I'm sorry your nest is empty, happy your bookshelf is full. heehee