Thursday, November 12, 2009

Belated Birthday Wishes Jarheads and Kermit

Forty years ago, I was a first grader at Barrow Elementary in Athens, Georgia. Mrs. Matthews was my teacher and I sat next to Joe Williams, my first official boyfriend. Joe loved frogs and he made me laugh. That's what I remember most about him.

During school one day, a woman came into our room and spoke to us. I don't remember who she was, but she told us about a new television program. She told us it was especially for kids and that she'd love it if we would watch. Then she handed us each a small bag with a coloring book and a small pin we could wear on our clothes. When we asked about the furry creatures displayed on the items we were told they muppets and they were the stars of the new show, Sesame Street.

I remember being excited to go home and ask my mom if we could watch. She of course said yes. The first episode aired November 10, 1969. It was thrilling to see a non-cartoon program that was meant for kids just like me! I remember seeing Kermit the frog and knowing Joe would be crazy for him. But I liked Oscar the grouch the best. He made me laugh.

I wish I knew what happened to the pin we received that day. I think about it often and wish I still had it. But I can say proudly, I saw the first episode of Sesame Street as it was broadcast. Though I can't believe it's been forty years already.

November 10th is also the Marine Corps 234th birthday. As a Marine mom myself, I'd like to wish The Few and The Proud a very happy belated birthday.

I happened to find a very short clip that honors both the Marines and the Muppets. Although it doesn't star the original muppets, I thought it was fitting. I hope it makes you smile like it did me.

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