Monday, November 9, 2009

Don't Worry, Be Happy

LeeAnn, from Your Homebased Mom asked the question "What makes you happy?" on her family blog. Since I read her post I've been thinking a lot about that question. I admit I've been guilty of seeing the negative in my life lately so I appreciated the nudge to find the positive instead.

Of course the standard answer of family has to top the list. My boys especially. Nothing brightens my day like a phone call or text with a quick 'I love you' from the guys who I love the most.

More things that make me happy are:

Surprise packages in the mail, it's been about a year since I've had one

Children laughing, seriously, is there anything more sweet?

Hearing from an old friend, I tend to live in the past...have you noticed?

Anything from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, enough said!

Looking through scrapbooks, especially my kids books...such sweet times

When the good guy wins, because the good guy deserves to win

Stormy days, rain, snow or wind...anything but boring sunny

Warm socks, it helps if they're cute

A new Grey's Anatomy episode, I'm looking for a McDreamy of my own

Yummy body washes and lotions, Victoria's Secret is my favorite

Trying new recipes, I miss having a kitchen where I can experiment anytime I want to

The first snow of the season, I missed it this year. It doesn't snow where I'm currently living

Texas sheet cake, I could eat the whole thing myself!

Family vacations, I really miss them

Feeling confident, I'm feeling more confident each and every day!

Grocery shopping, going with Daddy-O was my favorite but going with my brother works too

Sweet little old ladies and grumpy old men, yet grumpy old ladies and sweet old men also make me happy! I adore visiting with them all

The old television series, Fame... So happy there are two seasons out now.

When I first started writing this post, I was agitated over something that happened today. But funny enough, now that I'm done, all that bad emotion is gone and it's replaced by positive feelings. It works! If you're having a tough time today, why don't you try looking for something encouraging to think about. I hope it will work for you too.


mistie said...

What a fun post! Oh, and the new blog layout is b.e.a.utiful!!!!!

Anonymous said...

You always did like grumpy old men and if I remember correctly they were pretty fond of you as well!