Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Have You Hugged A Veteran Today?


I am ashamed to admit I used to let Veterans Day pass by without even a notice. I would see American flags lining the streets and be annoyed the mail wasn't being delivered that day. I would hastily think the same old words, 'thank you for your service'. But I never really appreciated the sacrifices of the men and women who defended our freedoms.

But now it's personal. I am the parent of someone who is serving. I understand what the sacrifice means. I see the pride and the struggle that goes along with being a member of the military. They have a job to do and they do it for their country. Until my boys joined the Marine Corps, I didn't have anyone close to me who had ever served. The minute they joined it all became very personal. Past and current members of the military mattered to me. I hope they matter to you because all any of them wants in return for their service is appreciation from each of us.

So thank you to all members of the military past and present. I appreciate your service. Thank you also to the families of the service men and women. I appreciate your sacrifice. And, thank you, Applebee's for treating all Veterans and current active duty military to a free meal today. All they want is thanks, but food helps too.

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