Monday, November 23, 2009

Imaginary Thanksgiving

We had a quiet weekend here. The boys were gone for the football game, which they lost. They arrived home in the early hours of Sunday. One of them has taken the loss rather hard. I have yet to hear him speak, much less smile. It's too bad they didn't win.

PhotobucketI'm preparing to go out of town for Thanksgiving.  I dread the drive, but look forward to new scenery. This house will be full of out of town guests, so I'm secretly happy to be going for a few days.  Anyone who knows me knows I have to have space! I enjoy crowds at amusement parks or airports. But at home, I need it to be quiet and calm.

Because this is my first Thanksgiving since Daddy-O and I separated, I spend a lot of time thinking about how it used to be. I'm positive I will be talking about this a lot throughout the holiday season, so I hope you will bear with me. I never made a Thanksgiving dinner at my house. We lived in the same town as both our parents, so Thanksgiving was always spent with one of them.  I remember longing to make not only our own meal, but also our own traditions. I had hoped the time would come when we could host our own kids and their families. But it's not to be.

However, that doesn't stop me from saving recipes and planning imaginary Thanksgiving dinners. I'm hopeful  the day will come when I am able to finally prepare that special meal on my own. But, for this year, here are some of the new the recipes I would have tried:

Of course I would have to include recipes from The Pioneer Woman. Her recipe for her cornbread stuffing makes my mouth water. As does the sweet roasted rosemary acorn squash recipe.

I'm still looking for the perfect roll recipe so I'd love to try this one from Lick The Bowl Good. Her rolls look tender and full of flavor. If only I could reach through the computer screen and grab one!

For dessert pumpkin pie is a must. That doesn't mean I can't try new ways to make it! Katie from goodLife{eats} shares this yummy pie recipe . There's nothing like brown sugar, pecans and butter to make pumpkin better!

Suzanne from Chickens in the Road shares her recipe for deep dish apple pie. I don't even like apple pie but I want a slice of this one right now!

I know whatever I am served for Thanksgiving will be delicious. I'm just so grateful to have family to spend the day with. I hope all of you have special people to be with as well.