Thursday, November 19, 2009

On My Mind

I had lunch with my best friend today. Lunch was delicious but the conversation is what I loved most. It was honest and sweet...the kind of talk that will carry me for days. Thank you best friend.

The boys are leaving for their state playoff game tomorrow. They're nervous and so am I. My fingers are crossed they'll come home would mean a lot to all of us. Good luck boys!

I can't believe the hysteria surrounding the new Twilight movie. I've not read the books or watched the movie. I've been trying to avoid it...wanting to stand alone. I find I'm being left out of too many conversations because I don't understand. I'm tempted to start reading so I can fit in.

I got a new cell phone today...a Samsung Behold. I love the touch aspect... it's so easy to use. I really needed it. My old phone was wearing out after three years of use. They don't make them to last. That's a good thing. If they lasted Daddy-O would still be carrying around his first phone; it was bigger than a bread box!  Speaking of Daddy-O, he was my first caller on the new phone...fitting as he bought the phone for me. Thanks D-O. It's much appreciated.

I watched the Project Runway finale tonight. I'm disappointed Carol Hannah didn't win. She's sweet. Truthfully, I didn't love any of the collections...not surprised 'Meana'-Irina won. I wish she hadn't. Nice should matter. It matters to me.

I'm dreading Thanksgiving and Christmas...for obvious reasons. I will be with my sister and mom for Thanksgiving. My boys will be here for Christmas. But we won't be complete. It can't be helped so I'll put a smile on my face and ache for things to be like they used to be.

I'm fighting a headache. It arrived just before dinner. I took a Tylenol but it still hurts. I think I'll go to bed and sleep it off. I'll feel better tomorrow.


mistie said...

I am often reminded how alike we are! I DETEST the whole Twilight thing. Ick. I read the first one, and wouldn't read the rest. They are just NOT that good. (maybe I am a bit of a book snob ...) I won't watch the movies, either - even though everyone around me is in Twilight mode. THERE, I said it!

Oh, and Carol Hannah TOTALLY should have won!

Cari Gillespie said...

I haven't caught the twilight bug yet. I treat it like the Swine Flu. I too watched the finale of Project Runway (hadn't watched any leading up to it and only caught the very end before the judges deliberated). I liked Carol Hannah just from those few minutes. Hope you don't mind that I catch up on your blog from Mistie's blog. She always speaks so highly of you and the relationship you two have. Steamie is an awesome sister-in-law/sister/friend. My heart hurts for you each time I read your posts. Just wanted you to know I am thinking about you.