Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Please Shut Him Up

This morning I had the television on and at the same time I was watching clips of Oprah's interview with Sarah Palin on my computer. I forgot to watch when she was on Monday and I was curious about she and Oprah's conversation.  Ironically, while listening to one of the clips, an interview with  Levi Johnston came on the television. I paused the Palin video to hear what Levi was yapping about. As usual he had nothing of value to say. I have a question America. Why are we giving that snot nosed bratty kid airtime??

PhotobucketI usually keep my political opinions to myself. I'm more than happy to share my feelings on any other subject, but I don't often feel inclined to speak concerning my political attitudes. However, when it comes to Levi Johnston I cannot hold back. He annoys me.

I cannot believe any person is taking him seriously. Not only does he have horrific grammar, he also lacks personal morals as illustrated by his choice to pose for Playgirl. Though, truthfully, I believe that decision demonstrates his immaturity as much as it does his morals.

I just want to scream whenever I see him...Go away! No one cares!  It doesn't take long to come to my senses and realize Levi is really not the problem. The dimwits who put him on their programs and interview him like he's important are really to blame. Is Sarah Palin really such a threat to all mankind that it's important to get Levi Johnston's message out to the world? It's craziness I tell you! 

Today on The Insider, Johnston is quoted as saying " I just look at her in disgust. ... It's almost funny, that she's like, 46 years old, and she's battling a 19 year old, and I'm winning. And I'm telling the truth. She's lying and losing. ... If you look at her face, she's got -- she's really -- you can tell her mind's going 100 miles an hour when Oprah asked her those Levi questions. ... I've got a lot more knowledge and credibility than she gives me credit for."

Yeah. That's right, Levi. You're winning the battle. Why don't you check back in about fifteen minutes and we'll see who won the war. 

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Well said!!!!