Wednesday, December 2, 2009

No Internet. No Shopping.

I am using my brothers computer to write this as I am still without an internet connection on my own. It's so frustrating not to have it. I wonder, how did I get to a place where I am so dependent on a machine for my happiness? It's crazy.

I changed the blog layout. I like this one, but don't love it, so don't be surprised to see another change soon. I couldn't stand having a Thanksgiving background when the Christmas season is officially upon us so I made a quick change.

I know I say this practically every day, but I miss my house. I am trying not to notice how much I am missing putting up my tree and decorating my home. I am pretending not to mind that I'm not crazy with shopping lists and baking lists. I'm trying to convince myself it's okay to miss the sales I see everywhere. It's okay. Really. Maybe next year I'll get to join in again.

While visiting my sister last week, I used her computer to check something on my blog. I noticed how awful my signature looked. It looked thick and uneven. But from my own computer it is thin and crisp. So if it looks terrible to you, I apologize. I'll make a new one and put it up as soon as I can get back online. Just know I thought it looked good.

And with that, I'll put you out of your misery. That is, if you're still reading this horrible post. Thanks if you are. I appreciate you.


Anonymous said...

Your signature looks thin and crisp on my laptop!

Glad you are back from Thanksgiving and posting again. Email me!


Ryan and Mistie said...

Always looked good here! You're so amazing! Your blog always looks so good. I love the little snow flakes ... or am I finally losing my mind?!? Don't answer that!

(Hey, did you get an envelope from me?)