Thursday, January 28, 2010

I'm A Hypocrite

When my boys joined the Marine Corps, I had a mother to son talk with each of them. Our talk included a list of things I didn't think they should do.  I asked them to stay away from girls and I didn't want them to swear, drink or get tattoos.

It killed me to think of the soft, smooth baby skin they once had, marred with some obnoxious image. "It is fine for other people, but not for you", I insisted. I also explained what they might think is totally great now, could bring embarrassment in the future. If I had a tattoo at their age, I would now have The Bay City Rollers on my left breast.


Can you imagine??

Again, just so we're clear. Tattoos are fine for other people. So don't hate me. I just don't want to see them on my boys.

So, is it bad this makes me happy? 

I mean, it could be smaller...and maybe on his behind or somewhere it doesn't show so much. But really, if he has to have a tattoo, he sure picked a winner, didn't he?  The Bay City Rollers may have gone out of style, but his mom never will.  

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Anonymous said...

Nice sentiment with the tattoo, but oh, how I dislike them! :)