Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Only New Year Resolution

PhotobucketI will never claim to use perfect grammar. I really try, but our language is so complicated that at times I simply do not know the correct way to use certain words or punctuation. It confuses me.

My children will tell you I am a grammar freak. I insist they use correct sentence structure and real words. Not slang. I will not put up with them speaking as if they were never educated. It irritates me. I truly believe if you speak well, more opportunities will come your way.

I do have a confession. Though I did very well in English while attending both High School and College, I am unable to dissect a sentence. I also have a limited vocabulary. While I used to write rather well, I've lost my touch. I bore myself. So I must be boring you, right? Don't answer that please.

In the past days, I've read several blog posts where the writer has chosen a word for the year. This word is to define what they want from the new year. An example could be "Peace". That writer would be searching for peace in her life during the year.  I've thought about the word I want to use. There are so many as my life is really a mess right now. I have finally settled on "Learn".

It is my greatest regret I did not finish college and earn a degree. While I have no plans to go back to school, I also do not want to remain the simple mind I've become. I want to learn more about our language. I want to learn more about our world. I want to feel more educated.

After I had brain surgery, more than ten years ago, I lived in a fog. I often struggled to finish a sentence. It was rough and as a result I learned to simplify. I am a master at simplifying every aspect of my life. But I realize I lost knowlege and even intelligence in the process. Now that I am thinking more clearly, I want to excercise my brain muscle again.

In an attempt to make this blog more readable, and enjoyable I would like to start my journey by brushing up on my English skills. I happened to find a website that is making relearning English fun for me. Grammar Girl makes it easy to understand the mistakes I am making and how to correct those mistakes. It's a really fun site, so check it out!

In the coming months, I really hope to improve both my writing and speaking.  I don't care to speak or write on an English Professor level, but hopefully you will no longer cringe when you read what I have to say.

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Anonymous said...

Learning is always a good thing! I always enjoy reading your posts and haven't noticed grammatical errors. Should I re-read the entries? ;)

I have my hangups with the English language as well. In fact a Christmas gift you might have received has one on it! Did you spot it? My English teacher brother did and is still cringing!