Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pickle And Uncle Albert

I said I was feeling better, and I was. But I had no idea the toll that illness took on my poor body. I've slept for the past four days. Even taking a shower wears me out. I guess I'm just not the spring chicken I used to be!

Hopefully, I'm finally starting to bounce back. But, I've really let things go around here. My bedroom and bathroom are a wreck. It's almost to the point I'd rather bathe in the sink at the local Chevron. Seriously. So the big plan tomorrow is to clean!

I miss my boy. He's back home safe and sound in California. Much of today was spent talking to him and Gus. I love when they call more than once in a day. It makes me happy.

I thought I'd share the lone picture I took over the Holidays.


This is PJ and my niece Whitney's dog, Pickle. Yes. Pickle. Beats me how she got her name. Pickle, not my niece. I think it can be attributed to youth. I remember when my best friend, Shelley and I got two black labs for our first apartment. We were nineteen and rented a small house with a fenced in back yard. We thought it would be a wonderful idea to have pets. I don't even remember what I named mine, but Shelley named hers "Uncle Albert". Again. No idea.

I got off track. Sorry. Back to the picture of my boy. The only way I could get a snapshot was to take it while he was sleeping. Both my kids are horrible about letting their mama take pictures. Then they complain because we have no pictures of them! Crazy kids.

I realize this post is riveting and you probably don't want it to ever end, but it's late. I need my sleep. So I can clean tomorrow. Or sleep some more. Either way works for me.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you are feeling better and glad your son made it back to California safety. Hope you all have a great 2010!


mistie said...

We had a beloved dog SCHMUTTLEY.

My nephew named a fluffy white dog HONKY. (he was 4 and named the dog by himself.)

I really love that picture, and am so grateful for dogs and the love they are so willing to share. (sniff sniff. We need another dog.)