Friday, January 1, 2010

A Very Long Short Story

I am one of those people who takes the Christmas tree down the day after Christmas. I also throw out leftovers if they haven't been eaten within 18 hours. I just think when it's over, it's over. Why hang on?

I had planned to change my blog background the moment I woke up December 26. But I couldn't find a new one I liked. So I put it off and that was a mistake because by the next morning I was more ill than I've been in a very long time.

There is no way to truly express how ill I was but to say my sister in law, is currently a charge nurse in the ER at a Las Vegas hospital, was concerned. Very concerned. Let me tell you. It's not easy to shake her. She, at one point, even threatened me if I didn't start to feel better within the next two hours I was headed to the hospital.

Thankfully, she was able to have me on an IV. She also gave an antibiotic through that IV that I believe saved my life. The scary part? She and the rest of the family went out of town for two days in the middle of my illness! Thankfully, my Marine son, PJ was here. That boy was my saving grace. He quickly learned to run the IV. He also drove 65 miles, round trip, just to pick up a prescription for me. He helped me to the bathroom every half hour all night long for three long nights. He kept my drinking glass full of Gatorade, and eventually removed the IV with instructions from over the phone.

I don't think it's how he planned to spend his vacation. But not a single word of complaint came from his mouth. He is my hero.

I am sorry I got completely off track. I just hated being that ill. It was scary!

So, to make a short story very long, I finally changed my background. While I really like it, I don't love it. So don't be surprised to see it change again very soon if I find one I like better.

And thanks for hanging around if you're still reading this. I appreciate you.

Oh! Happy New Year!! I hope the new year brings us all a lot of happiness.


Anonymous said...

Yikes! I'm sorry you were so sick, but am thankful you are doing better! I hope you had a nice Christmas before getting sick. Hope you have a great 2010!

As always, YTB!!! And apparently so is PJ!

mistie said...

Hey Jane,

Oh Man! I'm really sorry to hear that you were so sick. I'm glad that you had amazing family to help and watch over you. PJ is one amazing boy!

Love ya!