Wednesday, March 24, 2010

For The Night Owl

I wasn't going to post tonight. It's late and I don't have anything pressing to share. But I have a little night owl who visits here every night and I think he hopes to see something new.

I ran across this comedian on YouTube recently. I then spent the rest of the evening watching every video I could find of his stand up. He is really hilarious. Maybe you've heard of him; I hadn't. His name is Mitch Hedberg, and unfortunately he passed away after this was recorded. It's a shame, really. Because I've not laughed like this in a long time.

So for you my anonymous reader. I hope it was worth staying up late for. 


Anonymous said...

:-) for more reasons than just the funny video!


Brittany said...

i found this blog completely by accident... You have to know how things randomly happen on the internet!
I wasn't going to comment, you know, just pretend I never found you ;) BUT, your love of Mitch Hedburg made me do it...
Long long ago, like 4 years or so :) PJ came to visit. He rode into Vegas with me to a friend's house and we listened to Mitch's stand up cd. PJ laughed so hard that he cried and snorted and insisted I burn him a copy of the cd. In fact, we still quote lines of it in text messages to this day. Anyway, I told him I'd do it only if he didn't let you hear it (it had the f-word everywhere!)
So funny that you like him :)