Sunday, March 21, 2010

Not A Single Word

Do you remember the housekeeper in the original Parent Trap? The one with Hayley Mills instead of Lindsey Lohan. I adored her, by the way. Hayley, not Lindsey. Though Lindsey was pretty cute in her version of the movie too. But she had to grow up and ruin that.

Anyway, the dad's housekeeper would always say "I'm not saying a word. Not a single word." Then she'd proceed to say exactly what was on her mind. I always laugh at that part. Sometimes a girl just has to say what's on her mind.

Sandra Bullock is on my mind and I have something to say about it. I am sick for her. I think we all believe she loves Jesse and was probably devastated when learning of his 'friendship' with the other woman. I'll be honest. I've read a couple articles about it.  I'm bugged by a few things. First, none of us have a clue what happens in their marriage. Only they know. I've read comments following the stories and I am appalled at the things people say. The comments are hateful and none of us even know them. What the heck? We don't have the right to judge anyone, much less someone we don't know. It really bugs me.

Yesterday I read a tweet from a gossip site I like to follow. The tweet said  "Jesse James spotted wearing blue overalls while out doing his normal, everyday activities sans Sandra Bullock."  Really? Blue overalls are a big update? There were pictures too. It was ridiculous. That's news? Give me break!

Listen up, people. It doesn't matter. It really does not matter. Let them heal in peace! Stop taking stupid pictures and stop writing stories where there isn't one!

But if someday Sandra or Jesse writes a book about the ordeal, I'm buying it. I'm just saying.

I have one more thing on my mind. The Democrats are celebrating tonight because they were able to pass their health care bill today. Who didn't see that one coming?

I believe something definitely needs to be done about health care in this country.  But I am not crazy about the solution the government has come up with. I'm sick to my stomach that we will soon be another $940 billion dollars in debt. Every time I hear Nancy Pelosi say "The American People want..." I want to scream! Don't speak for me, lady! You don't have a clue what I want or what I need! I don't think you really care what I want or need either.

I think politicians are self serving and arrogant. I truly think it's time we made them work for their positions and not just hand them out due to their party affiliation. If it were up to me, we'd toss them all out and start over, then we would enact term limits. Only two terms allowed. We would take away their massive spending accounts and require they travel, eat and live like the rest of us. If they wanted raises, then it would go to public vote. Finally, if one of them ever dared to utter "The American people want.." then I say they immediately lose their job and are sent back to their home states to work a normal job like the rest of us. That way they might really understand what the American people want!

But I'm not saying a word. Not a single word.


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