Sunday, March 14, 2010

Please Pray


A horrible thing has happened. A friend, who is a relative by marriage, tried to commit suicide tonight. She has been going through a painful divorce similar to my own. She decided she couldn't face any more pain and tried to end it. She was very serious about it but thankfully, she was found in time.

My heart is broken for her. I will be honest. The thought has crossed my mind a time or too also. It would be so much easier to just fall into an eternal sleep than to feel the emotions and pain the loss of a marriage brings. Of course, I have my boys to live for and that's what brings me through the hardest days. I'm lucky to have them.

Please pray for my friend. Please pray for everyone who is feeling the desperate feelings she is. Please take the time to notice those around you who might be suffering silently. Please reach out. Most of us don't want to bring anyone down with us. We will put on a smile and tell you everything is fine, while inside we are feeling so much hurt that we sometimes feel desperate. Just a smile and a quick hello can make a huge difference.

On a lighter note, tomorrow is my last day with Gus before I have to send him back. It will be hard to watch him board the plane, but I can only feel gratitude for the time I've had with him. I think it's what we both needed. His visit has not entirely been easy or fun, but I think we've both been able to find some peace. I know we're going to be okay. I know there is a happy ending for me and my boys. We just have to take one step at a time to get there.

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Anonymous said...

You both are in our thoughts and prayers.