Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Oprah And The Man With The Dream Board

A few years ago, I happened to watch an Oprah episode where the subject was positive thinking. She had a man on who talked about dream boards. At least, I think that's what they're called. Anyway, he explained how posting pictures on the board, of things you most desire can bring them to reality through positive thinking.

For instance, he had a boat, a house and an expensive car on his board, if I remember correctly. He said he kept it in his office and would look at those pictures every day. He would wish for them and hope for them and he believed they would come to him that way.

With tears in his eyes, he told the story of how his young son was sitting in his office one day, looking at the dream board. He said "Dad. Look! That's a picture of our house on that board!"  The man was so amazed because his son was right! That was their house! He said he had never noticed that before and so it was true. Just wishing it makes it happen!

I admit, I scoffed.  He had just explained that looking at the pictures and wishing for them was the most important exercise to would bring these things to life. So if he looked at that picture every day, he didn't notice it was a picture of his own house?

Call me a pessimist. I am. I just don't believe pictures on my wall will bring the things I long for. I mean in eighth grade I had an entire wall of my bedroom plastered with Bay City Rollers. There were five of them, and not one of them showed up at my door even though I wished for it every. single. day.


I'm not sure why Oprah and the dream board came to my mind today except that I feel ready to dream again. It's been seven months since my marriage fell apart. I know I have not healed entirely, but I also know I cannot stay where I am any longer. I need to grow. Or move. Or at least, take another step on the path that is my new life.

Even though I don't believe pictures of the things I long for will make them come, I do believe putting it out there and making myself accountable for my hopes and dreams will push me to go and get them. I don't expect to snap my fingers and have Prince Charming appear. I just want to dream. I just want to believe somewhere inside of me, that I will again be happy.

So here is my dream board. I am putting my dreams out there for the universe to see. I will think about them, and wish for them every day. I will hope some mystic force will grant my dreams.


And if they don't come true, then I'm going to be really mad at Oprah and the guy who wished for a house he already had and didn't know he had it.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmmm. . . .he dreamed for a house he already had? Not the brightest light bulb in the box, eh? I hope your dreams come true and that you recognize them when you have obtained them!

YTB!!!! Now can I go to bed? :)