Monday, April 12, 2010

Where Is Shelley When I Need Her?

I discovered recently, Gus is on Facebook. He has no idea I know and I like it that way. It's fun to see what he is up to without him knowing I know.  He is very private so being sneaky is the only way I can truly know about his life. I don't feel bad for spying on him. I think it's my duty as his mother.

Last night I visited his wall. There was nothing new, so I clicked on PJ's. There wasn't anything new there either. So I clicked on my sisters wall. Again, nothing new. From there I clicked on one of her friends and then one of her friends's friends name. I bounced all over looking at people's walls. I enjoyed reading about people I hadn't thought of in ages.

Somewhere along the way I found a link to a website where I could view old yearbooks from my high school. I spent hours there looking at not only my own yearbooks, but those of years past as well. So many memories jumped from the pages! It was such fun.

PhotobucketThis is Kevin. He was three years older than me. He was also my first ever crush. When I look back, I feel so sorry for him. I must have made him crazy! Any time I was in a car, I would beg the driver to take me past his house. I made up songs about him and wrote his name all over my notebook. I would go to high school basketball games just so I could stare at him.  I even fished a soda can out of the trash once because he drank out of it before tossing it. I still have that can somewhere.

PhotobucketThis is my senior picture. For some reason my class didn't do the traditional formal wear pictures. I wonder why I my head is up like that. Look at that crazy hair! It took an hour of curling it every morning to get it to 'feather' like that. Thank goodness I got my braces off just before picture day,otherwise, I'd be forever known as the girl wearing headgear in her senior picture!

PhotobucketThis is my best friend Shelley. Shelley was everything I was not. She was fearless and confident. She was strong and friendly.  Because of her, I was almost popular. She taught me to take chances and believe in myself. She was the pep club president. I was the Nike club president. She led and I followed. She was my best friend for four years. In the years after high school, we lost touch. I really miss her.

PhotobucketThis is Dru. He was two years older than me. His mom and mine worked together at the telephone company. They tried to fix us up. It was awkward. But after the mom's backed off, we formed a friendship. He was my first date and my first kiss. (I'll bet he doesn't know that)  He was in college, but came home to take me to the Sweethearts Dance. It was on Valentines Day, 1981. I still get giddy when I think about it. He was the best looking guy at the dance. I remember all the popular girls being jealous of me! When he took me home, he gave me my first kiss. It was so perfect. I remember being in the clouds for days. I never went out with him again after that. He met his wife and got married. I did run into him a couple years ago and he was a sweet as he could be. He still looked good too, even if he was bald.

PhotobucketThis is Mindy. She was a good friend to me. She came from Virginia originally. I remember because everything she owned said "Virginia is for Lovers."  Mindy always had a smile on her face. She got married right out of high school and chose me to be one of her bridesmaids. It was the only time I ever was one. I remember her colors were lime and yellow. The last time I saw her was just after PJ was born. She was in town visiting her parents and stopped by with her four kids. I was completely overwhelmed by them! I would really love to see her again.

PhotobucketThis is Robert. I had a huge crush on Robert all through high school, though I told no one, not even Shelley. Robert and I were friends and I didn't want it to be weird. I wonder about him a lot. I have no idea what became of him. The last time I saw him was at McDonald's in 1988. He had long hair and was wearing boots untied and a long coat. I remember thinking he looked just like Judd Nelson's character in The Breakfast Club.  Robert if you're out there and not married...look me up! Or not. I think I'd be too scared to talk to you without Shelley by my side. Though, I think she had a crush on you too. Hmm...I wonder which one of us you liked better. Ha!

Looking back and remembering my old friends was so fun. But I think I spend too much time in the past. It's safer there. Not knowing what my future brings scares me. What if it's not as happy as my past? I sure wish the future had a Facebook account so I could peek without it knowing. Either that, or I wish I had Shelley to push me forward.