Monday, April 5, 2010

That Girl On The Doctor Oz Show Is Grumpy

I watched the Doctor Oz show today. He had someone on who couldn't be happy. She called herself  a 'Debbie Downer', and she was. She depressed me. Even though she only had about two full minutes of airtime, she still affected me. She brought me down.

I still don't feel well. The flu, cold or whatever I had, has settled in my sinus's and ears. I feel infection in both and I'm miserable. I can't hear or taste. I'm bummed out.

This is why I haven't posted on my blog. I don't want to be like Debbie Downer. Since I still don't feel well, I am negative. I want to cry a lot. I am down. I don't want to bring you down too.

I will be back when  I feel better. Thanks for coming by to check on me. I appreciate it.


mistie said...

:( Sorry you are sick! Aaawwh, man! Hope you are back on your feet soon. Miss hearing from you!

Anonymous said...

I hope you are better soon! The blogosphere misses you. Get well!