Monday, April 12, 2010

They Could Have Said It With Hallmark

I'm having a late dinner with family in Vegas tonight. I already know I'll be too tired to write when I get home because Vegas does that to you. It zaps every bit of energy out of your body. So I'm going to share a little somethin' somethin' with you before I leave.

You're welcome. I'm happy to do it.

Remember this?  If you don't feel like clicking on the link then I'll just remind you. My oldest son, PJ, honored his mama (me) with a tattoo. It thrilled me.  So you can imagine how I felt when I received this in a text message the other day.


I'm happy to report Gus has also paid tribute to his mom with ink. Okay. I'm not really happy. I wish my kids didn't feel the need to have tattoos. I covered my feelings about that up there. Just click on the link if you need your memory refreshed. But, I am happy my boys love me enough to proclaim it to the world.

I love the tattoos. They make me feel all squishy inside. I am so proud of my sons and I'm thrilled to be their mom. I just don't feel the need to have it engraved on my body. 

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Anonymous said...

I think your post should be titled "They Should Have Said It With Hallmark!" Did Shelly ever own turtles?