Friday, May 28, 2010

My Day From A to Z

It's Friday and that usually means Fill in the Blank Friday, but Lauren is taking a much needed break. So, I decided to do my own version. It's not as fun as hers, but I hope you enjoy it anyway.

A cat slept in the sun on my window sill this afternoon.
Boys. They're loud but I'm going to miss them when they leave in less than two weeks.
Cookies. I've been craving them all day long. But I didn't give in!
Didn't remember to take my meds for three days! No wonder I've felt so awful. I took them today and I'm feeling much better.
Empty. My bathroom trashcan was overflowing. I finally emptied it today.
Forgot to buy airline tickets for a trip I'm taking next month. The price went up thirty dollars! Hopefully, I can find a better deal tomorrow.
Gary, my brother, is driving me to North Carolina to see Gus next month. We are flying home. Thus the plane tickets.
Had to think really hard to come up with a post tonight. I'll bet you couldn't tell, ha ha.
It's been so windy here. Everyone complains but I secretly enjoy the wind. I always have.
Jam. Gary made pear jam last week and I enjoyed some on my toast this morning. It's so yummy!
Knife. I almost cut my hand on a knife while washing dishes. Someone put one in the water and I didn't see it.
Listened. I listened to my ipod most of the afternoon. I enjoyed a couple podcasts and several albums. It was so relaxing.
Missionaries. The Mormon missionaries stopped by tonight. I didn't answer the door but I saw them through the window. I wonder if they were hungry.
No makeup. I just didn't feel like wearing any today.
Olive. I watched one of the boys' friend eat a green olive for the first time. He said it tasted worse than the worse thing he'd ever tasted before. He was so dramatic...acted like he was dying before finally spitting it out in the trash. So funny.
Pinkie promise. I made a pinkie promise today.
Quiet. I was home alone for several hours this afternoon. I completely enjoyed it.
Recipe. I have a folder on my computer, where I keep recipes I want to try someday. I put eight new ones in there today. I really do miss having a kitchen.
Sat. I sat in front of the computer for hours today. I couldn't find anything else to do.
Text message. I received one from Gus today. It read, "Love you momma".  Be still my heart!
Ugly. How I looked with no make up.
Vinegaroon. My niece stepped on one just outside the front door. I'm glad I didn't see it.  I hate those things!
Woke up early to take the boys to school. I went back to sleep after I got home.
X (I've got nothing)
Yawn. It's what I'm doing now.
Zebra. I told my niece about a cake I saw that looked like zebra print. She is obsessed with it. We're going to try and make the cake soon.

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mistie said...

I had to google a Vinegaroon. Gross.
:) So glad I've never seen one in real life!