Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Spring Babies

For me, the best part about spring is all the new animal babies that are born. The fields around my house are filled with lambs and calves. But my all time favorites, are the baby horses, or foals. I adore thier little wobbly legs and sweet dark eyes. One spring, a couple years ago, Daddy-O and I happened upon a field of foals. I imagine there were at least fifteen of them. It is my understanding, they are weaned from their mothers when they're a few months old. But these babies didn't seem old enough. I could have watched them all day. I didn't have my camera and when Daddy-O and I returned a few days later they were gone. I was disappointed I couldn't get a picture but I will always remember that field of babies.

I had another magical baby moment of sorts last night. I watched a hummingbird hatch. I found a webcam watching Phoebe the hummingbird. She lives in Southern California. She'd laid eggs earlier in the season, twice actually, but both times the eggs were stolen by enemies. First, a lizard, then a crow ate the tiny eggs. Finally, Phoebe was able to make a nest, lay her eggs and have them hatch successfully.

I missed the birth of the first one, but last night I was enchanted by the birth of her second baby. It is truly amazing to think I could sit in my computer chair, miles and miles away from her nest and still see her baby born.  If you would like to watch babies, Hope and Hoku, grow and eventually leave their nest, you can watch here. If you're lucky, you may even get to see mama Phoebe feed her babies.

A little off subject but still speaking of babies, when PJ was home last week I begged him to find a wife, settle down and give me some grand babies as soon as possible!  I know my boys are young but darn it. I want to be a grandma! I'm not sure but I think my nagging may have been why my boy left a day early.  I blame it on spring fever.

Anyway. Yesterday, these pictures came though a yahoo group I subscribe to. They're not of baby animals or even spring, but they're funny so I wanted to share. I hope they make you laugh.




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