Friday, June 4, 2010

Fill In The Blank Friday

I had another busy day today. I have lots to share, including pictures of the boys graduation tonight. But to tell you the truth, I've tried writing for the past two hours and can't seem to make the right words come. I think I'm just too tired to think. So I'll save the recap for another day.

But lucky for all of us it's Friday and you know what that means? It's Fill In The Blank Friday! Be sure to click visit the little things we do to hear other's answers to these same questions. Or maybe, you'd like to participate yourself.

1. My dream vacation would be Italy. For years, my sister Becky and I have planned a trip to Italy with out husbands. We thought we'd go as soon as her youngest graduated from High School. Daddy-O spent some time living in Italy and is fluent in Italian so we thought it would be fun to have him as our guide. I was really looking forward to it. But I suppose now, I won't be going. I'm sure my sister and her husband will still invite me to come, but I don't care to be the third wheel, you know? Especially in romantic Italy!

2. The best trip I've ever taken was to San Diego. It was the fall before PJ left for boot camp. Daddy-O and I wanted to take a trip as a family because we didn't know when we'd have the chance to vacation with all of us together again. We spent a week playing in the sun and eating great food!  It was truly magical.  We all love San Diego so much and would rather go there than anywhere else. Looking back it's kind of bittersweet as it really was the last family vacation we'll ever have.

3. The most important items to take on a road trip are snacks! As long as I'm eating m&m's or chewing gum then I'm happy!

4. The next trip I'm looking forward to is a road trip with my brother to North Carolina!!! It's just over a week away and I'm getting so excited. I just hope we find a boiled peanuts stand when we hit the south or I'm going to be mad!

5. If I had to pick one cd to listen to for a long road trip it would be one I put together myself including all my favorite country songs. Does that count?? If not, then I would say, and don't laugh, I would most definitely need Enrique Iglesias' Greatest Hits. I can't take it on my road trip next week though because I'm positive it would make my brother grumpy. Ha!

6. The biggest disaster I've ever encountered while traveling was...hmm...I'm probably jinxing myself but I can't think of one. Now I am going to be worried sick we'll have a major disaster while driving cross country. Please pray for us. 

7. My favorite traveling memory is  when Daddy-O and I took our boys to Florida. We surprised them with a trip to Disney World and Kennedy Space Center. Anyway, when those little boys got on the airplane, to fly for the first time, it was delightful! They were beyond excited. Funny thing is, normally, it's impossible to get anything out of Gus. He is very private and shares nothing about his life. But the minute you get him into a car or a plane, the child will not stop talking! He jabbered all the way to Florida. He was six and PJ was eight. It was a wonderful time with our boys.


ShEiLa said...

I am playing today...

I did two

the one from May 14th and today.
I also linked you and the little things we do to my post.

Have a wonderful day!!!


Whitney said...

The best trip I've ever taken was to San Diego as well! I just love it there.

Have a great weekend :)

Yani ٩(̾●̮̮̃̾•̃̾)۶◙ said...

hi! visiting from Lauren's.

Italy is definitely in my list too!

Have a great weekend and stay safe!